Are you looking for bits and segments that will set your show apart from the competition? Then you need to contact the COMEDY RADIO CLUB.

  • pre-recorded comedy bits
  • Commercial parodies
  • Song parodies
  • Live character call-ins
  • Gossip and entertainment reports
  • Joke service
  • Guest booking

The Comedy Radio Club was created by Rick Gieser, a 19 year radio veteran who has produced the Bob and Tom Show and spent 10 years in Chicago morning radio, and comedian Mike Toomey, who has headlined clubs around the world for 20 years, working with Tim Allen, Sam Kinison, George Carlin, Drew Carey, The Village People, Wayne Newton and many more.



You have heard or seen their work on "The Bob and Tom Show", "The Dr. Demento Show", "The Jonathan Brandmeier Show", "The Spike O'Dell Show", "The Bob and Brian Show", HBO, MTV, A&E Network, Comedy Central, the American Comedy Network, Fox Television, ABC Sports, WGN-TV and radio, ESPN Radio, WLZR-FM, WTMX-FM, WFBQ-FM and many others. Or in the films, "Meet the Parents", "Desperation Blvd" and "Let's Get Harry".



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